So You Want To Be An Entrepreneur?

How to decide if starting a business is really for you

So You Want to Be an Entrepreneur? contains a series of mentoring sessions, each carefully thought out to make you consider and plan your life based on your passions, ambitions and ultimate vision.

By actively taking part in each of the exercises, you give yourself the best chance of succeeding as an Entrepreneur, or the sufficient clarity to decide what other career options are best suited to you.

Jon Gillespie Brown brings his extensive mentoring experience to bear in this new handbook for would-be Entrepreneurs.Drawing on his own experience as a successful serial Entrepreneur and those of his vast network, Jon guides the reader through a series of mentoring sessions, educating them on the realities of the entrepreneurial lifestyle and addressing their personality and ambitions to determine if this is the life for them.

From the Author Jon Gillespie-Brown

“I wrote this book after mentoring 100s people of all ages, skills, backgrounds and ambitions over the last ten years.I loved hearing their stories and absorbing the passions for their ideas or businesses.

When they asked for help and advice I found myself asking the same questions again and again in an effort help them get the most out of their dreams as well as their lives. This book is a result of working with all of those people both formally and informally.

So many of my mentees had ideas that were a million miles away from their true nature or what they wanted from their personal lives, life stage or personality. It was as if the idea was totally disconnected from them as a person.

My ambition is to help people bring together both their dream and a deeper understanding of themselves so they can make a simple decision – will this business idea suit me or should I do something else, like stay in my job or find a better employer. I wanted a practical and fun process to help people tease out their big dreams and then couple that with their real passions and abilities in order for them maximise their chances of success.”


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So you want to be an Entrepreneur? is a fast and fun way to find out if you can make it as an Entrepreneur. Find out what it’s really like to live the lifestyle and which of your character traits are likely to lead to your success.

So you want to be an Entrepreneur? will help any would-be Entrepreneur unsure how to progress past the dreaming stage and onto the first rung of the Entrepreneurial ladder. Explore your real goals, hidden talents, passions, assets and core skills.

The simple self-discovery tools in the book will make it easy for you to analyze this information and take the next steps towards your Entrepreneurial dreams with total confidence.

Do you think you would make a great Entrepreneur?

Why not challenge a friend to see who’s the most entrepreneurial?

Take the fun and fast quiz (designed by a professional psychologist) and find out your “entrepreneurial quotient”. It will help you to understand your entrepreneurial strengths and weaknesses.


The book “So you want to be an entrepreneur” includes many forms and lists to help you decide if you want to be an entrepreneur.These checklists enable you to create a detailed view of your ideas, personal assets, network and potential and they form the backbone to the book.

Forms for the ultimate question: So you want to be an entrepreneur?
Forms from the mentoring sessions in the book